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Single session counselling (SSC); what is it?

‘Single session counselling’ does not assume that you need a series of counselling sessions. The aim is that, in one session you and your counsellor will work to make a significant difference in your life in a short time and in a cost effective way.

Why choose SSC?

You might not like the idea of committing yourself to a series of counselling sessions. In this case, SSC might be just the right thing.

It’s often difficult facing the prospect of sharing your worries with a stranger. What if you don’t feel at ease with this person? With SSC you are only committing yourself to one session which could be less daunting. SSC is also a good way to establish whether a particular therapist is right for you.

You can approach a session of SSC with the knowledge that the therapist’s plan is to work with you to make a real difference in a short space of time.

How does it work?

· Before a SSC session I send you a short questionnaire about your reason for seeking counselling. You do not have to complete this but is may make the session more useful and focussed.

· We would clarify at the start of the session what your long-term goal might be and what you realistically hope for from the session of SSC.

· This session may be slightly longer than most sessions. My usual sessions are an hour so SSC usually takes a bit longer – perhaps 75 minutes, maybe longer.

· We would aim for you to leave having formed a new perspective on your issue and perhaps having made an action plan.

· If after the session you feel that it was helpful you may choose to book

another session of counselling either in the near future or at a time of your choosing.

Will one session work for me?

Sometimes one session of counselling is enough to make the difference you are looking for. Sometimes it may move you forward but leave you with a realisation that you have other issues which might also benefit from counselling.

SSC is not necessarily sufficient for every person and every situation. However, even if one session does not meet all you needs it is a good way into longer term counselling if that is what you need.

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