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Anxiety? Depression? Can counselling help? What is counselling and how does it work?
       When you come for help you may be feeling lonely, confused or experiencing stress, inability to relax, anxiety, loss of confidence or despair. You may even be feeling suicidal - having thoughts of ending your life. For counselling to work well you must feel comfortable and safe with your therapist. My job is to help you feel at ease while we discuss your concerns . We can then talk through what you want from your counselling.
       The first session is a chance for me to explain how I work and to answer any questions you may have. If you find the first session helpful we can, if you wish, arrange further sessions. I usually recommend we meet on a weekly basis, at least for the first month. Sometimes one or two sessions is all you will need. For other clients, longer is helpful. My sessions are led by you, the client. I bring my counselling skills and experience. This is your chance to gain confidence, take back control, reduce your suffering and work towards feeling happier and healthier.
       Whatever the anxiety or problem you are dealing with, we can look at them together. 
       Counselling works by giving you a safe, confidential space to share your worries with a trained listener who can support you as you make sense of what is happening to you and find a way to move forward.
       Some common issues which cause anxiety and depression and undermine confidence include;
constant or acute anxiety
constant worry
troubling thoughts
panic and panic disorder
chronic stress
bereavement, grief and loss
suicidal thoughts and feelings
physical and psychological abuse
anxiety about relationships
divorce with its stress and sadness
domestic violence
physical and sexual abuse
sadness about childhood events
work related stress
studying, the stress of being a student
academic stress and anxiety
bullying and its effect on confidence
fears and phobias
insomnia and other sleep problems
anxiety about medical issues
anger management
psychosomatic illness
weight problems
low self esteem
loss of confidence
mental stress or suffering of any kind
struggling with life, 
feeling overwhelmed
       Whatever is on your mind I will work on it with you. Nothing you tell me will shock me. My hope is that therapy will bring you relief.
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